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Our Training Services

Before we start our Personal Training Programming, we feel its important to get to know you a little. To do this, every new Personal Training Client completes a complimentary new client orientation. 

Orientation Includes:

  • In-depth Health Risk Assessment (HRA) 

  • Goal Setting- SMART Goals

  • Optional: Fitness Testing to set baseline data to show measurable results


Personal Training

Each client is assigned a trainer, and our programming is developed after we meet with each client and do a thorough New Client Orientation. The orientation will include going over any existing physical limitations, client goals, and discussing the results of baseline fitness testing (if opted for).


Group Training

All the same benefits of personal training, but add a partner(s) to train with you!


In-Home Training

Train from the comforts of your home or office. Our certified personal trainers will bring any equipment necessary to you and offer a personalized program.


Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness includes on site fitness classes (multiple modalities). 
This service encompasses all the same benefits of in-home training but at your workplace or the gym.


BodyComp Classes

Classes are open to anyone no matter your health/fitness goals. Our program will improve your health and have you feeling great!


M-W-F: 5:30 am

Mon-Thurs: 5:30 pm

Sat: 9:00 am

Try a week for FREE!


Sports Performance Training

This service is for those who are school/collegiate athletes who are seeking individualized training for personal growth of optimal sport performance.

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