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-For this program, you can enter in the ingredients and amounts and there is the option to modify the ingredient that the site comes up with which means you can make the recipe as accurate as possible!
-This calculator gives you all the information you could ever want! It generates a percentage of calories, macros, and micronutrients that you met with that recipe.
-You can easily see if you are meeting the recommended amounts for every nutrient.  
-You can make an account at HappyForks and save all your recipes.
-This calculator doesn’t require any more work to operate than the calculator from verywellfit. And it provides way more in depth information! If you are at all interested in knowing the amounts you eat of every nutrient, from Omega 3s to Vitamin E, use this calculator!


-You enter in the ingredients, amounts, and number of servings.
-The calculator generates a standard nutrition facts label that is easily recognized by most people.
-This is a very user friendly way to find the calories and macro breakdown of the delicious recipe you made.
-You can also play with the number of servings and serving size to figure out what you want your portion to be.


-Do you eat out quite a lot and want to know the in-depth nutrition facts for what you are eating? Well CalorieKing has an extensive nutrient database for every single food item from every restaurant, branded, or generic food you can think of.
-Search restaurants like Taco Bell to Krispy Kreme to Panera or even nutrition facts for whatever tasty drink you got at the bar.
-They also have other tools such as recipes, an app to track your food, and calculators to calculate how much calories you should take in.



Here you have calculators for your heart rate, BMI, and BMR or energy. 

  • You can use the heart rate calculator when you have a certain heart rate you want to shoot for in your workouts, such as 80% of your max. This calculator will give you the optimal heart rate zone to be in during your workouts.

  • BMI calculator is a common tool used in the medical realm as a measure of health.

  • BMR or "basal metabolic rate" calculator can help you find the amount of daily calories needed to maintain your current weight.