Our Training Philosophy

Through our combination of certified personal trainers and registered dietitian, we can help your achieve your fitness goal. We include every aspect of wellness to help you become successful. Every Personal Training Client starts with a comprehensive New Client Orientation, where we will complete a Health Risk Assessment, Set Goals, and go over the client handbook which discusses nutrition recommendations and your 1st training appointment where you complete your baseline fitness testing and anthropometrics. At this point your BigTime Trainer and Dietitian put in place an individualized plan for you to be successful!  Your trainer continuously designs your program based on your individual needs and goals. We focus and believe in long term success with our clients in every aspect of health and fitness.


Training Plans

(sold in packages of 10 sessions or monthly)


Personal Training

We don't use cookie cutter training programs. Our trainers assess your abilities and pre-existing limitations to develop a program that is specific to you and your goals.
$40/ 60min session

Cross Fit Class

Group Training

Training with a small group of friends is a great way to stay motivated. Our trainers develop a program that suits your small group's needs.  $55/ 60min session

Sit Ups

In Home Training

Our Certified Personal Trainers come to your home/office, bring their own equipment and work around your schedule making exercising more conducive for your lifestyle. $45/ 60min session (+mileage)


Sports Performance/Team Training

We currently have a team of trainers including a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and athletic trainer that lead our Sports Performance Training.  

Just like our adult training the spectrum is quite wide when it comes to Sports Performance Training from young kids starting around 10 to collegiate athletes!  

When we assess an athlete we start from the foundation and progress forward.  Proper movement and alignment is vital for injury prevention and to build a strong healthy athlete! We make sure not to do anything counterproductive for an athlete in their growth maturation and try to make it fun but functional at the same time! 

With all of our sports specific training we place a strong emphasis on nutrition for our athletes so they can consume the proper amounts of nutrients their body needs to maximize their results. We educate all of our clients on proper pre and post workout meals, as well designing individual meal plans for that athletes' specific goals. We know that we are working with kids and that they should be allowed to eat like kids, so we really try to make kid friendly realistic meal plans that are legitimate for that athlete to accomplish. We also know that once an athlete starts seeing the difference from eating correctly that are more likely to being compliant to eating healthier.