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Unfortunately you can not outwork a bad diet, you are what you eat!  

Nutrition plays a vital role in one's success in overall results!

Our Healthy Eating Plans are a perfect compliment to optimize your Personal Training at BigTime Results!

BigTime’s Nutrition Philosophy

We don’t believe there is one way to be successful with nutrition.  Our main objective is to support you with a healthy eating plan that fits your goals and most importantly you can be consistent with long-term.  If you don’t enjoy what you are eating, more than likely it will not be sustainable!

In Missouri to give Medical Nutrition Therapy you have to be a Registered Dietitian. Our Registered Dietitian has been practicing for close to 15 years and takes pride in giving realistic sustainable nutrition recommendations!


About Noah Alldredge, RD

Nutrition is a lifestyle

My younger years I could eat the same bland food over and over and chug protein shakes multiple times per day and maintain a desired bodyfat.  As I have gotten older and my lifestyle has changed to being married and having kids, I realize the challenges of balancing healthy eating principles consistently.  Everyone is going to eat food occassionally that is not healthy, but the important part is setting yourself up to succeed.  To many times we expect unrealistic outcomes.  If you are 50lbs overweight it did not happen over night.  Losing 50lbs is not going to happen over night either.  I am a firm believer in you have to plan to be successful.  It can be as simple as buying 5 frozen turkey sausage egg  sandwiches and heating them in the microwave every morning.  It can be buying a rotisserie chicken and bag of steamed vegetables for dinner, it can be eating at restaurant with one of our food recommendations at that restaurant.  I always say I want you to enjoy eating healthy, if you don't it wont last!  So it is vital that I give realistic sustainable nutrition recommendations.

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What We Do

We provide years of real experience and interactions with clients to give the best and latest nutrition advice!

Healthy Eating Plans

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BigTime Difference

We provide 2 types of healthy eating plans(diets are temporary:).  The 1st is all about client empowerment.  You get to pick the food that goes in your mouth and learn the correlation between quantity and quality.  You get a lamented sheet with pre-deteremined boxes for carbs, protein, and fat.  Your calorie level is determined by your goals (fat loss, increasing lean body mass, maintaining a healthy body weight).  Our 2nd Healthy Eating Plan is all about convenience and focused on low preparation options.  This plan even gives local restaurant meal options.

Grocery Store Field Trips


Your local store

Our Registered Dietitian walks your local store with you giving general nutrition suggestions.  The key is to give insight on how to make nutritious delicious and low prep meals.  Today more people spend more on eating out than groceries.  Our goal is to show you how to prepare healthy meals at all cooking skill levels.  We give kid friendly/picky eater recommendations.

MSU Body Comp Lab


Accurate Legit Data

We strongly recommend our clients getting baseline measurements at the MSU Body Comp Lab. The Dexa Scan provides the Gold Standard for body composition providing your bodyfat (subcutaneous and visceral) lean body mass and bone mineral density.  You are also able to get an extremely accurate calorie level with the Dexa Scan using the Cunningham equation equated from the lean body mass determined by the Dexa. Our trainer Kim, runs the lab and is great at explaining all the results.