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Body Comp Classes

Big Time Results BodyComp (aka bootcamp) - A fun, intense class that will push you to your maximum levels. The classes are well worth the pain! Big Time Results BodyComp classes have many wrinkles and you never know what the trainer might have in store for you! We want you to enjoy the class so we will be saying goofy, encouraging remarks during class to add some flavor and will also play some exciting games throughout. Games help to manipulate the hard work you are really doing! We guarantee that you will break a massive sweat similar Niagara Falls, and you'll feel like you got a workout every boot camp class you attend!

When coming for your first time to Body Comp Class please arrive 15 minutes early in order to fill out waiver.

Body Comp classes are free to try for the first 2 weeks. Your first months will then be pro-rated.

Personal Training clients that train 2x week can come to our classes for free!

Group Workout Session

Class Schedule for Bodycomp Classes


Morning Class (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)


Evening Class (Monday through Thursday)




$90 per month