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HAN 9299My name is Chris Beasley. I have lived in southwest Missouri pretty much my whole life. I went to Ash Grove high school. I played baseball at Evangel University and graduated with a BS in Exercise Science. I play guitar in a rock band and a country band as well! How did you decide to go into the health and fitness industry?

I have always been a very active person. I was the kid who played as many sports as I could. That love for being active followed me all the way to college and that translated to being very involved in health and fitness. I also majored in pre physical therapy so I was pounded with useful information that I now use every day as a personal trainer.

What motivates you to live a healthy and active lifestyle?

I’d say what motivates me the most is to be a great example for those around me. I plan on having kids one day and I want them to be as healthy and active as possible, so who better to teach them than me? I also love to give training tips and advice to my family and friends when they need it.

What is a goal you want to accomplish with your clients?

Every single person is different, so my goal is to figure out what each client wants to accomplish and focus on that, but still do whatever is necessary to properly develop the client in all aspects of training.

What is your greatest achievement when it comes to training?

My greatest achievement is being consistent with my training. I used to be random with my training. Now, I really push myself to train hard and be consistent, not only for myself, but so that my clients can see how I push myself and want to do that in their own lives.

Yes I do get bullied because of my smaller stature.

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